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Access to capital is important for exceptional businesses to flourish and expand. This is why Globalco provides financing options to select companies. If your business requires additional working capital, we can help you outsource your operations today while you pay for them later. This approach can significantly reduce your costs and will provide you with the flexibility you need to manage your business effectively.

We understand that cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. That is why we are excited to offer an exclusive 90-day financing solution designed to supercharge your cash flow and drive growth. Our combined winning solution “Financing + Outsourcing” provides a leverage effect leading to unparalleled results for our clients.

Using advanced technology and global labor solutions, we enable your business to cut costs significantly. Our approach ensures you get the best services at the most competitive rates, boosting your profitability straight away. Our clients achieve, on average, a 50% decrease in costs compared to their local baseline.

With our financing solutions, you can defer expenses, effectively freeing up short-term working capital. This allows you to reinvest in your business, seize new opportunities, and maintain a healthy cash flow.

Case Study: Company A’s Transformation with Globalco’s 90-Day Financing Solution


Company A was experiencing a surge in business opportunities but struggled with high labor costs and tight payment deadlines. The financial strain threatened their ability to sustain growth and meet client demands effectively.


Despite a steady influx of new business, Company A’s high operational expenses were cutting into their profits, limiting their capacity to invest in growth initiatives and new product development. They needed a solution to reduce costs while maintaining operational efficiency.


Company A partnered with Globalco to outsource key operations. This strategic move immediately slashed their operational costs by an impressive 75%. But the benefits didn’t stop there.

90-Day Financing Advantage

To further support their transformation, Company A utilized Globalco’s 90-day financing solution. This innovative financing allowed them to:

  1. Manage Transition Costs
    The financing covered the necessary funds to cover severance payments for outgoing staff and provide time for the new team to step in, get trained and be fully operational.
  2. Maintain Operations
    With freed-up capital and a larger professional outsourced team in place, Company A kept their business running smoothly.
  3. Reinvest in Growth
    The deferred payment terms enabled Company A to reinvest in product development and other revenue-generating activities, generating significantly more revenue during the first 90 days of the operations than expected in the baseline scenario.


Since integrating Globalco’s solutions, Company A has not only stabilized but thrived, turning financial challenges into opportunities for growth. Their ongoing and expanding partnership with Globalco ensures they continue to reap the benefits of increased efficiency, cost savings, and strategic reinvestment.

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